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Happy New Year – and Avoid the Rush

Today is Dec. 31st, and I’m thinking.

I normally write a whimsical post – when I get around to writing something at all on my own blog, which was started about 2 years ago when suddenly every writer was blogging.  It turns out I got busy with other writing jobs, so I fell behind in my original promise to myself to do at least a monthly post.

But today, as I reflect with what may be either great wisdom or possibly a half-dazed, not-enough-coffee haze, I realize a few things.

1) Not everything is funny, or even fun.  For example, getting up on New Year’s Eve morning and being greeted my one’s husband is normally a cheery event.  But not when his first words are, “There’s a flood in the downstairs bathroom.”

2) The point of a calendar is to keep track of important appointments.  Finding out, late on a Friday before a long holiday weekend, that there are several very important medical appointments coming up on the very same day in the same time slot, is never a good thing.

3) Nor is the phrase, “Oh, no.  I forgot to________  (other critical, timely things)” coming from any number of family members, including this writer.

4) It is almost a New Year.  I cannot remember what last year’s resolutions were, but I’m damned sure they didn’t happen.  Something very evil inside me keeps saying “Make new ones!  New ones!”  It’s a trick.  I know it is.

5) I must – must – pursue those things which I’ve dreamed about for years.  The conducting class I want to take.  Maybe an Art class.  Tackling my sewing pile with my spiffy sewing machine my husband gave me 2 years ago (or was is 3?) And so on.  Before it’s too late.  Before the time feels convenient.  Before all the dishes get washed or the laundry is done.  Even before we decide if we need to call a plumber for the flood downstairs.

Because if I wait for the floods to stop, for the appointments to get straightened out, for the resolutions to be remembered and to kick in, it will be yet another New Year.

Note to self:  Act now.  Avoid the rush.  Live fully.

Happy New Year!

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