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From the Delivery Room

DSC_0149I’m not gonna lie to you. This was the longest labor and delivery in history. I’m not referring to the new royal princess. For me, “Not Even Dark Chocolate Can Fix This Mess” has been a long-term project.

That’s what happens when projects are interrupted by ice cream…froyo. ..candy. ..movies. And an uncooperative hair-do.

But it’s here. Mom and baby are doing well. If you look at this right side of this page – right there – no – there. See? It’s a mini-picture of “Not Even Dark Chocolate Can Fix This Mess.” Sorry there’s no way to reach out and hand you some chocolate through your computer, although I think some day that might be possible. If that happens, then that’s the website I will go to, like, every ten minutes.

So go ahead and do that click thing on the mini-book, and it will take you to a page that tells you more about the book, has a few excerpts, and info about events. That means you have to read for a couple of minutes. Go ahead. You might like it. The cover’s really cute. Not as cute as little Charlotte. But yeah – cute.

Let me know if you get a piece of chocolate through your screen.

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  1. diane ketcham diane ketcham

    Okay. I give. How do I buy that —–over there on the right—- your book!
    Your Facebook post said come here. What am I missing? ( I am getting older!) dk

  2. diane ketcham diane ketcham

    Wait. I just reread your blog above. Duh. I will click. Hey wait a minute, is all my stupidity going out to the world? Yes? Hi world. I’m dumb.

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