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In The Beginning…

We had left on a road trip across many states, heading for my husband Ted’s reunion with a bunch of college buddies and their wives and partners when, at an inn, he called to me from the shower. His right leg was shaking on its own, uncontrollably. This long journey became a much longer one, as we set out to seek medical help to find out what was going on and what was to come.

Once the medical inquiries were begun, we both started writing about our thoughts and experience, not knowing the other was writing about it as well. After about a year, we discovered this, and began discussing the idea of trying to put our work together in some kind of readable format. This was the beginning of Brain Tumor: A Love Story.

In the coming weeks and months, I will use this space to address related issues that readers often ask. Please feel free to use the contact information on this website to send me any inquiries, and if possible, I will address them here.

I hope our story offers you something of value.
Thank you for reading.


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