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Advice? Are you kidding me?

No, I’m not.

Hey – everyone has advice to give.  You might as well hear mine.  I’m not saying it’s good.  But I’ve been a Mom, a daughter, an aunt, a sister, a Grandma, a wife, an ex-wife, a wi…well, anyway…and a nurse for many years, and people seem to ask me for advice a lot.  I know.  I don’t get it either.  So aside from reminding you to brush your teeth and get enough sleep, I’d also be happy to help with your life issues involving relationships, parenting, and daily struggles, from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Here’s the weird part:  I’m just learning this blog stuff and I’ve already come close to throwing my computer out the window several times.  Really – who am I to give advice?  I have my own problems!! But maybe we’ll grumble together, and possibly something said will help.

I’ll be writing this blog anywhere from weekly to monthly, more or less, so – do I need to say:  If you have a pressing, urgent matter, if you are in any danger to yourself or others, or if there is any serious problem that requires quick attention, PLEASE SEEK HELP and don’t wait around for my advice. Clear?  Good.  So – feel free to send in your questions/comments.

And don’t forget to brush and floss and get enough sleep.

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  1. antant antant

    Hey when you going to give more…….you left us wanting…..really hope you keep this up….I known it’s hard sometimes…..but you are a “Super Grandma”….you can do it all…..

    • Kathy Kathy

      Oh, Antant, you are going to be my biggest fan if you’re not careful! It holds a lot of responsibility with it (comments) and pays very little (an occasional Snickers bar…how’s that for bribery?) Big hug from Grandma!

  2. antant antant

    weekly or monthly…hmmmmmmmmmm don’t forget us……blogs are hard to keep up with huh? no pressure I am just checking…

    • Kathy Kathy

      I could never forget you!!! It’s just that I forget me sometimes. Wait a minute – here I am!!!

  3. SZ SZ

    Hi there! I am visiting my mother from out of town for a week and jave high expectations for having fun. Unfortunately, she is going through menopause and she is extremely irritable. It is hard for me to be sympathetic and I’m not really sure how to act around her. Any advice?

  4. Carmen B Carmen B

    The article you wrote your husband was so heart-warming. I hope you write your book! You have a way with words.

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