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Declaring Candidacy

It is early June in Maine.  The grass is green, the vegetable plants are starting to raise their new little heads from our garden soil, and the ads on TV for the plethora of gubernatorial primary candidates are blaring.

I’m sick of it already.  (Not the garden part.)  I find no problem with the large numbers of folks making a bid for office.  They range from the possibly-too-political to the novice businessperson, and who knows?  Maybe there’s a gem in there somewhere.  It seems every candidate for governor uses the same tired phrases over and over again, some of which we hear so often that we don’t even stop – to think – if it makes sense.

Here’s the latest one that sends me flying into a very grouchy space:  Create more jobs in Maine so we can keep our kids here.

Huh?  Are they suggesting it’s better to keep our kids here in Maine after they finish school?  Why?  And should we tell our kids we’re trying to do that or keep it a secret from them and trick them into it?

Don’t get me wrong.  I love love LOVE my kids – fiercely, like a Mama Bear – but isn’t it a little short-sighted to think that it’s an advantage to stick around the same place where one has grown up?  Sure, it’s lovely when that happens, if that’s what the young person wants.  But there’s something to be said for getting out and exploring the world, for gaining a little perspective, for seeing different cultures.  For finding out that Maine pizza is different from NY pizza is different from CA pizza and that indeed, some places in this country and in the world have never even heard of pizza (!) and that there are people – and foods – and art – and experiences in nature that are wonderful and separate from that found in Hometown, Maine.

But I rant.  My point is, empty political slogans are just that.  Are these the best the candidates can come up with – or are they using ad agencies that suffer from a failure of imagination?  One candidate suggests he will appoint a team to study where our spending has gone wrong in the state.  Um…shouldn’t he have been looking over figures prior to this point and already have some facts and solid ideas?  Or should we elect someone who will spend untold dollars for a year or two “studying” the spending problems?  Other slogans and utterances that make me crazy include words like “Get Maine Back on Track,” which holds no meaning whatsoever (and I will personally take whoever comes up with the best possible explanation for that one out for coffee) or “Get Maine People Back to Work,” thereby stating the obvious and something no one could argue with, but exactly HOW will this be accomplished?  Or my favorite slogan – “Ice cream in every kitchen.”

OK, I made that one up.  I admit it.

But it’s pretty catchy.

Maybe I should run for governor.

Everyone else is.

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    • admin admin

      Thanks so much, Kerry! So appreciate the support – tune in again sometime, OK?

  1. antant007 antant007

    Well, Well, Well we finally have a intuitive and insightful candidate for office…..where do I send my campaign contribution? You’ll make a great Governor…..Hmmmmmmmmm will my Big Bucks contribution but me lots of influence? ….great start on your blog….

    • admin admin

      Yes, anything greater than a dime will buy you all kinds of influence. And for you, a 2 for 1 special for being an adamant supporter and possibly my campaign manager. Submit resume 🙂

  2. Jackie Conn Jackie Conn

    Great blog and I’m so with you. There is a whole world out there and I want to tell my kids to limit themselves to Maine? I guess I’m a baaaaaaaaadddddd mother. My oldest works for her alma mater as Director of Alumni affairs (Lafayette College in Easton, PA), my next one manages Shrine Restaurant at Foxwoods in CT, my next daughter moved to Toronto and is doing what it takes to become a legalized worker. She has multiple job offers in her field of marketing as soon as she’s cleared to work, and my youngest just finished her junior year in Spain as a student at Roger Williams University. The school motto is “Bridging the World” and she has every intention of doing that when she graduates. So I want a governor who’s going to put all his/her effort into keeping our kids in Maine? I don’t think so!

  3. Thank you for the advice; I’ll seek help for an emergency, and I promise to brush and floss. Thank you for pointing out the vacuousness of the political slogans we see shining at us from the side of the road or blaring across our tv’s. They’re so ubiquitous that I’ll admit, I never gave them a thought. You are absolutely right; Get Maine back on track means nothing! My kids may like “Ice Cream in every kitchen,” but unfortunately, they don’t get to vote.

    I’m pretty sure I’m not a danger to myself or others, but it’s a day to day thing ;).

  4. Brenda Pelletier Brenda Pelletier

    I look forward to your next blog – be it next week, month or whatever more or less . . . and as far as running . . . what could it hurt?!!

    • Kathy Kathy

      I’m going to look & see if I have a few dollars hanging around for an ad campaign. Thanks for your comment & encouragement!

  5. Linda Jacobson Linda Jacobson

    Hey, found you! Congratulations-this is cool. Very new to me trying to figure it out, may need tutorial!

    • Kathy Kathy

      OMG, you think YOU need a tutorial???? I am having a nervous breakdown every time I go onto this page and try to reply. There is no, I repeat, no program too simple for me. I say that with all humility and a lot of tears.

  6. Sharon Files Sharon Files

    Do you want to be a write in candidate for November? I’m on board…lol. Love the blog – keep writing!

    • Kathy Kathy

      I thought about it, but I’ve changed my mind. I want to be a candidate on The Price Is Right and win
      one of these beautiful prizes…”

  7. Antant Antant

    Hmmmmmmmmmm just as a side note….I grew up in Maine schools and although I was not a model student…I learned from great teachers and I know they used to shake their heads at my performance in school…..I was bored and a great test taker and was able to get a little help from some girl friends…..I didn’t do homework as such but could ace the tests w/np…..I did find as I got through high school that the “Brain Drain” was indeed there…..Maine had little to offer to anyone who was not going to be a teacher, factory worker and for the most part controlled by larger companies who would use up the youth from the Maine Pool of graduates……offering little except a pay check…..hmmmmmm I as others wanted more and would not get trapped in the same old situation as our parents….Some of us wanted more……”Find a way out of Maine” was slogan of the day……don’t get me wrong the people of Maine are industrous, ethical and have great work ethics…’s just the opportunities are just not there to all……I left behind to go forward and beyond, I am glad I did…..I have found that unless you have your own business you are set to always work “for the man”……rather that’s good or bad is your take on what you want or need out of life…….I have also found that “you can’t go home”, Maine changed the moment I left as did my friends and city. I find that living in Maine is the greatest place in the world to live, if you don’t have to worry about money to live comfortably…….work and pay scale lags…just so little to spread around. soooo my only advise is prepare for your future and go and do as you need to……you can always return….but it will not be the same……..Although I could never be one…the lobster men / fishermen are my hero’s….strong, hard working, work ethics and providers to their families n spite of the government repression of their industry….. Please run for Office and straighten Maine out…….

    • Kathy Kathy

      Such excellent points, Antant. You are moving to first place as my most faithful reader. There could be a gold star for you!!!!! Thank you:)

  8. Jamie Jamie

    Kathy – saw your article in Maine Woman magazine & absolutely loved it. Can’t believe I “found” you after all these years. Hope you are doing well – looks like you are. So proud of you & now I can say I know a “celebrity”.

    Drop me a line sometime.


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