Everyday Maine Angels

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Our neighbors, Sue and Sam, are probably the reason we are still living in our big farmhouse in Westbrook, Maine. 

It is not unusual for us to hear a knock on the door or get a phone call announcing they have made a big pot of soup and telling us Sam is on his way over to give us a container of it because “we will never use it all.”  Now, me?  A big pot of soup normally means several days of having it, or freezing some.  Not sayin’ I don’t ever share.  But with this couple, it’s a regular practice.  They make a habit of baking pies and bread, bringing it to people in the neighborhood, and routinely helping out in other ways.  They are a couple around our age, with grown children.  Sue still works; Sam is a retired firefighter.  These people are used to selfless acts.

Today, Sam showed up with his snow blower at the foot of our driveway.  I told him our plow guy was coming back to finish off the driveway from the last of the storm.

“You should save your gas, Sam,” I said, pointing to his portable snow blower.  “But some time, when the weather is good?  Have Ted come over to ride on that thing,” and I pointed to his riding snow blower in his driveway.  He told me a story and went on his way home.

DSC_0153Bless you, Sam and Sue – our Everyday Maine Angels.


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